Pharmamuscle Mega Aminos Review

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Mega Aminos is a product by Pharmamuscle that provides everything you need in general to achieve your dream physique. Now you probably know that to get that body, you need to work out a lot and eat to go with it, meaning that your diet and exercise plans need to be on point if you want to get the best results possible.

A friend of mine a while back was into lifting and working out. Eventually, he wanted to compete in the bodybuilding world, so he decided that he would give it a shot, and he was not going to hold back on supplements, his exercise plan was not good at all, and his diet was even worse.  I mean, we are talking about him drinking 3 protein shakes a day! By this point, you know where this story is going. Still, to make a long story short, he never competed because he wasn’t ready, he became overweight and didn’t work out anymore, since that day he honestly believes supplements don’t work even though that’s not true as you may agree.

Mega amino ingredients:

  • L – Leucine                      300 mg
  • L – Isoleucine                 150 mg
  • L – Valine                        150 mg
  • Capsule Shell: Vegetarian Cellulose

Reasons to consider Pharmamuscle Mega Aminos

  • Scientifically proven effective ratio of BCAAs in a ratio of 2:1:1 of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine
  • Boosts energy release and promotes muscle formation through anti-catabolic effects
  • BCAA are the building blocks of protein, taking Mega aminos can help you maintain and gain muscle
  • BCAA helps maintain glucogen letting you endure more intense workouts

Supplements do work! They are meant to be a tool for your body, if everything is not in place, these compounds will not work, but if you have everything dialed in perfectly and decide to take supplements, you will know that they work wonders. Going back to Mega Aminos, these little guys are packed with power. This product is nothing more than BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids) in their purest form locked up in capsules. They do pretty basic; they increase energy levels, promote muscle tissue repair after workouts and help with the release of hormones making your strength levels spike.

Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine are known as the famous BCAA’s. These guys are special because your body does not produce them. You can consume them from meats, dairy products, and legumes. When they get consumed, they go through a fast digestion process in your body that speeds up your metabolism changing your body from catabolic to anabolic mode.

Many people who buy these don’t have an idea of when or how to take them. It’s known for a fact that if you want to maximize your gains, try them during your workout. Bodybuilders usually have them in the middle of their workouts because they believe it spikes their energy levels allowing them to go the extra mile. They also take them before bed sometimes to make them recover faster. What makes Mega Aminos different from other products on the market is that what Pharmamuscle offers is a 100% pure and natural product. This means no extra ingredients, coloring, or sugar, which is rare to see in the supplement industry.

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