Steroids VS Supplements

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F you are already familiar with the fitness world, you’ve probably heard about the huge debate going on about what’s better, being a natural athlete or being an enhanced athlete?. Let’s start with a little introduction to what the general public thinks about these athletes and who is better.

A natural athlete is someone who trains regularly, eats healthy, rests on regular patterns, and lives a normal, regular, healthy lifestyle; on the other side, you have the enhanced athlete who does the same things as the natural but gets a little help from performance enhancement drugs to the normal untrained eye, an enhanced athlete cheats and therefore is beneath the level of a natural athlete.

The thing is that if you look up any current day professional athlete, no matter what sport he participates in, there’s a chance that he could be taking some performance enhancement drugs or better known as “steroids,” but that doesn’t mean that the athlete isn’t good, he’s probably better than 99.9% of his competition in his natural form, but he takes what he needs to get that extra edge.

A natural athlete normally consumes supplements, and an enhanced athlete consumes steroids. Now, ask yourself, What’s my goal? Continue reading and decide for yourself if you rather live the natural lifestyle or be an enhanced superhuman.

Supplements are well known for their beneficial side effects, fish oil, vitamins, and other food supplements are extremely beneficial to the human body, but since we are making a comparison between supplements and steroids in the sports department, we’re going to go in a little deeper into the subject of training and the help of these substances.

An athlete who consumes supplements is considered natural; a supplement is a substitute for food and its nutritional content. Therefore it’s another source of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats that can’t be consumed at any given time during the day. Many of the supplements on the market are engineered to be better than food to give the athlete the edge. A normal gym usually takes the following compounds: Whey Protein Isolate, Mass gainer, pre-workout, post-workout, fat burner.

There are many supplements out there with a lot of funky names, but how do these supplements compare to steroids? Easy answer, they don’t, you will spend ten times the money on supplements before you get results half as decent as you would get with steroids, and the only difference is that natural supplements are a lot healthier, now don’t get me wrong, supplements do work well, but they’re not as fast-acting as steroids are. Here’s a comparison of cost between regular brand supplements versus a steroid cycle stack: Natural supplements cycle (Price in US dollars) Ultimate Stack (Price in US dollars) Whey Protein Isolate: $46.53Mass Gainer: $38.74Pre-workout: $37.98Post-workout: $40.28Fat burner: $59.98Total: $223.51 USD-Bal






Total: $260 US

The major difference other than the price ($26 US) is that a steroid cycle other than giving you the best price per dollar will probably gain 5 times the muscle mass versus the supplement cycle. Now, you’ve got to consider that steroid cycling needs to be monitored by a professional, and side effects may occur. For supplements or steroids to work, you have to have a perfect and strict diet combined with regular, intense exercise and regular health checkups.

Are steroids better? Well, they work faster, they are cheaper, but the health risks are bigger. At the end of the day, think to yourself, what’s your goal? If you want to have a nice beach body to impress the ladies, supplements will do it for you, but if you want to be the monster at the gym or the best football player on the field and take it a notch up, you might have some thinking to do.

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