Steroids in General What to Know Before Taking Them

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To start this introduction to what steroids, or as some people call them, performance enhancement drugs, are, you should know that the bad reputation surrounding these substances is primarily false and created by human speculation. If you type the keyword steroids or anything related to them in your web browser’s search engine, you will find all sorts of misguided information that points to steroids as the number one cause of death in athletes. Not all of it is true. It would be best if you didn’t believe everything that’s out there on the net.

If you go to your selected search engine and type in steroids, you’re going to get a bunch of info and definitions. The most common purpose of the word “steroid” is that it’s some lab-made form of male hormone consumed by humans to improve their physical attributes and general development. Now, even though this is true, not all steroids are created equal. Therefore different substances don’t have the same effect on the body, so assimilating an essence to the term steroid is the same as incorporating soda to the term “drink.” Each steroid that’s out there works and is created differently, therefore, giving it its definition and category in the science and medicine world.

Now that we answered what steroids are, we move on to one of the most asked questions in the science and fitness world, Do steroids work? To answer this question, you must first ask yourself, in what sense do they work?. Steroids are used in the medical area to treat several diseases that involve hormone deficiency and muscle loss, so in that particular area, they work pretty well but then we move out of the medicine department and into the fitness world.
Most of the people that want to know if steroids work are people who go to the gym and want faster results so they can look like a Greek God as fast as they can, and the answer to that question is a simple yes, steroids do work wonders making people gain lean muscle mass without gaining fat, therefore, making them look amazing.

Steroids work, but that’s not all that matters and not all that you need to know. If you want to start taking steroids, you got to know this first: Steroids affect different people in different ways. This means that if your friend gained 30 lbs (13.6 Kg) of lean muscle mass on his first cycle, it doesn’t mean that that’s the amount of muscle mass you’re going to pack on your first cycle. You can either gain more or gain less. That said, at the end of your first steroid cycle, 25 lbs could look better on you than 30 lbs on your friend, all of this depends on genetics(What your mom and dad gave you).

Some people react better to steroids. Some react a little slower, they work, but you won’t know how well until you give them a try.
So what do you get with taking steroids? A lot more muscle mass, agility, and raw strength and power that you wouldn’t get from training naturally. Some people debate that steroids can cause harmful side effects, but it’s all genetic, as mentioned in the past paragraph. Some people live a healthy lifestyle and die young, while others probably drank and smoked themselves to the max every day of their life and made it to a hundred years old. You won’t know how well they work on you until you give it a try.

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